Imanay Explore. is a short-term missions program designed so that anyone can experience and invest their life in service to God in a genuine way. It is an open door to the world of missions that allows you to be a part of what God is doing. Imanay is a Quichua word which means “do something”; our ultimate desire is that you can explore and do something with a “Global Purpose.”

It does not matter when…do it. Imanay Explore is waiting!

Wherever you are, you can serve with Imanay Explore; our alliances allow the opportunity to serve in South America, Europe, and Africa.

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Katharina Brüns

Church work
from February 2017

I came to Ecuador for 2 reasons: one, to serve God; two, to see if Latin American missions and I got along well—God had other plans. He used this time in Ecuador to introduce me to many new people and projects I could become a part of. I was also able to help a church in the coast, which taught me one very fundamental thing: look not for answers, but for ME; fixate your gaze not on the circumstances, but on ME.
Propósito Global supported me in this process of seeing, listening and finding His purpose for my life. It was wonderful to feel God more and more present in my life, accompanying me closely. I came to Latin America wanting to work for Him, but ended up realizing that, first and foremost, He wanted to work on me, and later, through me.
After completing my studies, I wanted to pursue this desire that had been planted in my heart to do some mission work in Latin America; God made this possible. I left Germany ready to renounce to many things, including myself, and to devote myself completely; yet, I came to find that He had prepared different things for me—friendships, healing and many amazing experiences. God gave me more than I could ask for. He knew how much I would be able to give these months, as well as what I would need in that time. He knew why I needed this.
Thanks to Propósito Global, I found tasks that were fit to my talents, gifts and skills. I further worked on the multimedia and informational aspects of the organization’s webpage at the office in Quito. Time and time again, I had the opportunity to experiment many new things and places, such as helping churches or evangelizing in the streets.
Ruben Santoro

from March 2017
to July 2017



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